Drive More Safely hosted the UN World Remembrance Day in McGregor on the 18th November 2018.

Sunday 18th November 2018 marked the UN World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims, and the theme for this year was a very fitting “Roads have stories”.

The reverend Johan Dorfling, from the NG Church, Robertson East, brought a wonderful message on how even Jesus had a road to travel on.

Our guest speaker, Minister Donald Grant, the Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public works, highlighted the difficulties they are facing and stressed the urgency for road users to become responsible.

He also requested that road users also exercise patience in heavy traffic, as this many a time leads to fatal crashes.

The Western Cape is doing well now with our road fatalities that are much lower than a few years ago, but much more needs to be done.

Our Guest artist was the tenor, Pierre van der Westhuizen. His beautiful voice sent shivers down the spine and brought many to tears. A very fitting artist for an occasion with so much heartache.

Family members of loved ones who lost their lives on the road had the opportunity to light a candle and each family received a black cross.

  • The black cross was to let them know that grieving has no time limit, and that we share in their pain.
  • Once they feel that they are ready to make peace with their loss they are welcome to paint the cross white.

After the ceremony, everybody took a white cross and formed a circle with a minute of silence held for the victims.

Ds. Hennie Prins closed with a prayer and everybody was invited for tea and a snack in the hall.

The reason why every third Sunday in November is declared by the United Nations as a day to remember those who lost their lives, is that

  • When we look at the statistics of road deaths worldwide, it paints a horror picture.
  • Daily families are left with a permanent reminder of a crash that changed their lives forever.
  • Even the economy suffers due to high fatality rate and the cost of road deaths and road crashes.

Drive More Safely encourages you to be a safe road user – and click here to see how you can get involved!