Be responsible on the roads and ensure that this will be a Merry Christmas!

Road Safety is your responsibility – please do not have a death wish.

Watch the video message, where Alida appeals to Road Users to be responsible and to ensure that this will be a Merry Christmas, and not to become a statistic.

Death on the road does not only affect the economy, it has a devastating effect on the family of a road crash victim. It has a lifelong hurt and emptiness that never leaves the family.

Road safety is NOT the responsibility of government. It is YOUR responsibility.

It is you

  • that is behind the controls of your vehicle,
  • that makes the choice of whether to use your cellphone whilst driving,
  • that makes the choice to speed or overtake on a solid line; and
  • the most dangerous is, it is you that took the “one for the road” and killed someone.

Read more about Drive More Safely’s involvement in making our road safers

Please share this message, it could save a life!