Pedestrian Crossing

Did you know that 38% of fatalities on our roads are those of pedestrians!

During 2016, South Africa lost 14071 road users on our roads due to road crashes. Of these 14071 people, close to 6000 were pedestrians. This is 38% of the total number.  Alarming, as pedestrians are the most vulnerable group of road users.

Drive More Safely went around and checked out how pedestrians react and the availability of pedestrian crossings in Montagu.

Our findings were alarming.

  • More awareness is required to ensure that pedestrians are educated on the use of pedestrian crossings and their use.
  • Drivers of motor vehicles are ignorant when approaching a pedestrian crossing and do not adhere to the rules of the roads, which states that pedestrians crossing on a pedestrian crossing has the right of way.
  • Pedestrian crossings are also not maintained to ensure high visibility.

To us the question arises.

“Are we doing enough to ensure the safety of our pedestrians?”

Sadly the answer is no. We are completely ignorant when it comes to pedestrians and their safety. But in the same sentence, pedestrians are also to blame.

What can we do to improve the situation?

  • Let us all combine our efforts and get out in your community.
  • Find your  maintenance office of the Local government and volunteer your services to repaint the pedestrian crossings.
  • Get your friends together and make a difference.

Drive More Safely encourages you to be part of saving lives. At one stage or the other, it will affect you. Let us stop playing the blame-game and get out there, and make a difference.

Alida Jones, founder of Drive More Safely, painting pedestrian crossings in Montagu, Western Cape.

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