Pre-school & Primary School Project



19th October 2010, what a exciting day. We prepared to take 85 kiddies from K.I.D.S. Educare and Bay Primary School to the Hillstar Junior traffic centre for some road safety training in a bid to keep our kiddies safe on the road and to equip them with some knowledge that could safe their lives.

A BIG thank you to Golden Arrow for the transportation, Fruit & Veg Tokai for the fruit and Gatti’s Steenberg for the ice cream. These companies assisted in making this a memorable day for kiddies. The excitement reached a climax as the bus arrived and the kiddies realized that this is it. Some had their first ride in a bus ever!!!!

They received training from the friendly officers at Hillstar in a playful way and were empowered to be safe on the roads.

A tired, but very happy group of kiddies said goodbye and enjoyed the trip back to Fish Hoek with a lovely view of the ocean from the bus.

For some, this was just too much and they fell asleep in the bus.

A CD is available with photos of the outing.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Masiphumelele ladies project-A group of 18 ladies from Masiphumelele community gathered at the library to join in a program empowering them to be safe on the road. This program includes information to take responsibility and teaching skills to educate their children to be safe on the road. The program runs every two months at the library. Should you be interested in joining us or wish to have a program run in your community, please contact us.


On the 27th July 2010, the Safety Magazine shared a day educating the ladies and their young children the rules regarding pedestrians. We enjoyed a fun filled day at Jubilee Community Church in Observatory. Every Tuesday the church has a group of women form the surrounding area that they empower through SUNSHADE.

Should you want to know more about this programme please feel free to contact Jubilee on 021-447 3630. Alternatively, visit the web site