About Drive More Safely

When Tommie Kloppers, eldest son of Alida, became one of these stats, Alida Jones started Drive More Safely. The horror of the scene never left her and she dedicated her life to road safety in a bid to bring down the accident rate. The aim of this organization is using campaigns, educational literature, motivational talks and training programs to educate and equip our road users to become safe and responsible.


  • To provide road education and training through the Safety Magazine to all communities
  • To collaborate with other organisations that mainly deal with road safety and education
  • To offer qualified and high quality learner-driver training to the underprivileged

Keep Calm & S.T.O.P with Drive More Safely

Join us as we spread the word about Drive More Safely through our campaign that gets the public to

Support the cause,

Talk about it to your friends and family,

Offer your generous donations and sponsorship and,

Participate in the rewarding campaigns that help raise awareness of safe driving and educate road users and pedestrians alike about the importance of road safety

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals whose aim is to develop and deliver a series of road safety programmes and initiatives for all road users

Alida Jones

Alida Jones

Stephen Roland

Stephen Roland

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This Could Be You


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